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Potter Funeral Service, Inc. had its roots in the firm of Hicks & Potter Funeral Home, Westport, Massachusetts established in 1892 by Jonathan Hicks and his cousin Harry L. Potter. After Several Years of operation, Harry L. Potter purchased his cousin's interest in the business and became sole proprietor. He operated the business until his death in 1928 at which time it was left to his two sons, Kenneth A. Potter and Jonathan H. Potter. The business became Potter Brothers Funeral Home. Kenneth and Jonathan served the firm for many years until their deaths in 1969 and 1981 respectively. Kenneth's son, Donald L. Potter joined the firm in 1950 and the partnership became Potter Funeral Home.

The Kirby Funeral Home, New Bedford, Massachusetts was purchased by the firm in 1951 and was managed by Donald from 1952 until his death in 1991. Jonathan's son, Jonathan H. Potter, Jr., joined the firm in 1966 and is still instrumental in operating the business, managing the Potter Funeral Home location. Donald's son, Harry L. Potter, joined the firm in 1973 and presently manages the Kirby Funeral Home location.

The business was incorporated in 1978 becoming Potter Funeral Service, Inc. Jonathan Jr.'s son, Shane D. Potter, joined the firm in 1994. Through the years other family members have also contributed to the firm by serving in various capacities. At the present time Jonathan Jr. and Shane work together continuing a family tradition of service, which has spanned over 100 years and four generations of the Potter family.

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